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:: Services
1. Customs Clearance at Ports/ICDs
  a. Documentation
    1. Exports
      We provide our services in the matter of:
      Preparation of Duty Free/ Duty Drawback/DEBP SHIPPING BILLS as Required by Exporter along with all other required forms, annexure & Declarations
      Filing of SHIPPING BILLS with Customs at concerned Port Accordingly
    2. Imports
      Preparation of BILLS OF ENTRY as required by IMPORTER Along with all other required Declarations, Annexure & Forms.
      Filing of BILLS OF ENTRY with Customs at concerned Port Accordingly
      Preparation of All other required Documents for Payment of Import Duty by the Importer.
      Submission with Customs, All documents showing the evidence of payment of Import Duty made to Customs
  b. Carting/ Receiving of Goods:
    Our efficient staff at port/ICD provides Fast and safe carting of Cargo in warehouse immediately Cargo reaches at Port/ICD Gate.
  c. Examination of Shipment:
    We arrange for fast Custom Inspection/Examination of Export/Import Cargo by Customs Authorities at Port/ICD premises and provides facility to Opening and Re-Packing of Packages Examined by Customs Authorities, perfectly and safely.
  d. Handling of Stuffing at Port/ICD
    We provide facility for stuffing/De-Stuffing of Custom Cleared Export/Import Cargo into/From the Container under supervision of our Staff and by the Expertise labor at Port/ICD.
  e. Obtaining Bills of Lading
    We arrange to Obtain Bills of Lading from Shipping Companies for the Containers Which were Customs Cleared and Stuffed By Us immediately.
  f. Delivery of Post Shipment Documents
    We promptly deliver All Post shipment Documents along with Bills of Lading to the Shipper immediately we get these from Shipping Lines.
2. Factory Stuffing of export cargo
  We are providing services for Factory Stuffing In the matter of
  Obtaining NOC for “FACTORY STUFFING” from Customs (Preventive) for Non Excisable Goods and from Central Excise for Excisable goods The Require Ports/ICDs
  Obtaining “FACTORY STUFFING PERMISSION” Under Customs (Preventive) / Central Excise Supervision, From Port/ICD Customs.
  Booking of Containers with Shipping Lines and arrange for Transportation of Empty Containers from Ports/ICDs to Concerning Factory of Stuffing and then Loaded & Customs Sealed Containers From Factory of Stuffing to Gateway Ports/ICDs.
  Arrange to Get Customs/Excise Examination of Export Cargo by Bringing Customs/Central Excise Authorities to The Factory of Stuffing and to carryout Stuffing and Sealing of Container in there Supervision and Obtain Examination report from them.
  Arrange to Prepare and File Shipping Bills at Gate way Ports/ICDs for these “FACTORY STUFFED CONTAINERS” with Customs at Gateway ports/ICDs to Obtain “LET EXPORT ORDER” and send these containers to be “ON BOARD” on Vessel for required destination.
  Arrange to Obtain Bills of Lading from Concerning Shipping Lines immediately after handing over the finalized Container to them.
  Prompt Delivery of Post Shipment Documents along with Bills of Lading to Shipper at their Door step
3. Miscellaneous Liaison work
  We provide our services to the exporters/Importers in the matter of Almost all types of liaison work with all of the agencies e.g. Export Inspection Agency, Texprocil, AEPC, HEPC/Handicrafts Board etc
4. Negotiating Best Freight Rates for Exporters
  We Can Arrange to Negotiate Best Freight rates from Shipping Lines for any destination and Commodity to be shipped Ex-Jaipur or Ex JNPT/NSICT.
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